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A Plus Hospice Care will help you manage your lung disease symptoms at home.
With a program designed to meet the needs of advanced lung disease patients, we offer a home based option for your care.

When you choose to avoid further re-hospitalizations and your physician has indicated that you are no longer a candidate for further surgical procedures, A Plus Hospice Care provides a home based option for the medical, physical and emotional support needed to manage the symptoms and realities of lung disease.

The goals of the A Plus Hospice Care home care program:
While the primary goal of healthcare is to cure disease, there are times when this is no longer possible. When the focus of care shifts from cure to comfort, hospice offers the expert medical care and human compassion needed by you and your family. As pain is relieved and symptoms kept under control, you are better able to participate in daily life at home with family and friends.

A Plus Hospice Care is committed to you and will participate in your care by providing specially trained nursing staff who will collaborate with you and your physician to manage your lung disease with dignity. Our goal is to manage your symptoms so that you may stay where you want to be – in your home.

We work to

  • Increase your ability to cope with your illness
  • Increase family caregiver confidence and offer them emotional support as well
  • Monitor and manage symptoms to bring comfort and reduce any crisis or distress that may arise
  • Improve your quality of life and help you define and accomplish important goals

Indications that hospice may be the preferred care for you

  • You have expressed an interest in staying home and avoiding future hospitalizations.
  • There are ongoing symptoms of breathlessness when at rest, dependent on oxygen, recurring upper respiratory infections, O2 saturations less than 88% on room air, loss of appetite and weight loss.
  • Two or more hospitalizations in past 6 months related to breathing.
  • The medications to control respiratory disease are no longer effective. You are experiencing ongoing symptoms of air hunger even with aggressive use of medications, such as inhalers, bronchodilators, steroids, diuretics and antibiotics.
  • Diagnosis of Pulmonary Disease (FEV <30%, Oxygen sat <88%, pO2 <55 mmHg).

If you are unsure you or your loved one meets this criteria, we will be happy to send a nurse to make an evaluation in person.