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Autumn 2023

Bereavement Support Groups

A Plus Hospice Care is here to support you through the loss of your loved ones. Our Bereavement Program offers a variety of options tailored to give you the opportunity to choose the level and amount of bereavement care that is best for you.

We provide individual counseling sessions for family members whose loved ones have been on our service via telephone or FaceTime as well as Bereavement Group and Book Study via Zoom.

To best stay connected at this time we are offering:

In Person Bereavement Support Groups
On the First and Third Tuesday of the month we will provide an in-person open forum support group at our Reno office located at 227 Vine St., from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

October 3rd and 17th
November 7th and 21st
December 5th and 19th

Surviving the Holidays

Mark your calendars for our four week bereavement group series. Reno office 227 Vine Street.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and for many who are struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy after the death of a loved one it can be a time of anxiety and great sadness. The feeling of immense sorrow, or the "Holiday Blues" often being to surface right around Thanksgiving and can continue throughout much of the winter season.

On a positive note, it is a good time to cozy in and perhaps consider a new self-care routine that will support your healing. A Plus is offering a four week “Surviving the Holidays” series to support your journey as well. Many times sharing your feelings with others who are also grieving lends a layer of comfort.

Week One - Wendesday, November 22nd at 1pm

Week Two - Wendesday, November 29nd at 1pm

Week Three - Wendesday, December 6th at 1pm

Week Three - Wendesday, December 13th at 1pm

We hope that you will join us for this informative bereavement support series. Educational material and worksheets will be provided.

If you are interested in participating please contact Dr. Karen at or (775) 351-7346 for details and instructions.

For additional details, please review our Autumn 2023 Events Newsletter at the following link. Autumn 2023 Newsletter